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Ashleigh Drewett-Laird

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Ashleigh Drewett-Laird is a Visual artist who works with mixed media and is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  She has many interests and has volunteered for many organizations over the years.  One of her most passionate interests aside from producing art - is advocating for the preservation of historic architecture within urban communities.  She chaired the Manitoba Historic Preservation Committee for many years until December 2009. She was also a member of the Historic Buildings and Resources Committee until December 2017 with the City of Winnipeg after serving 15 years of volunteer service.  Thus, much of her work focuses on heritage preservation. 


In 1998, Ashleigh lived in Paris, France, while studying at L’Universite de la Sorbonne. Her focus was on architectural history. Ashleigh has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Winnipeg and has completed an honours degree in Studio Fine Arts, First class (double majored in Drawing and Painting) from the University of Manitoba. She also double minored in Design and Sculpture.


In February 2018, Ashleigh submitted some of her recent work to the Auxiliary Gallery at Cre8ery.

Contact Information:





Untitled 2018


Atonement - 2007


We can still dance - 2008



The Barber House - 2008  (SOLD)


Untitled - 2008 (SOLD)












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