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How to make a wiki

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Thank you for your interest in the wiki!

If you would like a wiki, please Request Access on the log in page. The site will ask for your email address, this will be the inbox that PB Works-aceartinc. will send an account activation message. Follow the prompts in the email to create your log in.



Create a page

Once logged on, there is a link in the top right hand corner of the screen titled "Create a page". Click it. It will ask you to name your page, often your artist name. The site will proceed to EDIT MODE (option seen on top left hand corner of screen), in which a blank text box and your basic formatting tools will appear. You may start editing your page!



How to post text

Note whatever is typed into the text box is exactly what you see in the VIEW MODE. You may post a bio at whatever length you wish.



How to post images

Images posted on the wiki must be in JPEG format. The right sidebar in EDIT mode allows you upload images, click "Images and Files"...


...click "Upload Files", select your picture to upload, click on your image at the top of the image list and your picture should appear in the text box where your blinking cursor was last placed.

You may select multiple pictures to upload by holding the SHIFT key and clicking the image files you want.

Click on the image uploaded once and you will get small white boxes around the border of your image. Click and drag any box to resize your image, as though in Microsoft Word.



How to post video

Note videos take quite a length of time to upload. You may want to consider posting still shots of your video OR uploading a clip of around 1 minute in length OR upload your video to Youtube.com. Youtube videos are faster to load and you will only need to copy the Embeded Code that the site offers. In EDIT mode, click on Insert (basic toolbar above text box), Click Video, Click Youtube, paste your embeded code, preview, and Insert Plug-In. Your video will appear as a green box in EDIT mode. It will appear as a video clip in VIEW mode.


Posting Regular Videos:

Posting Youtube Videos:

From the Youtube site:




How to create a link

In EDIT mode, highlight a word you wish to make a link (right mouse click and drag over words). Click Add Link in toolbar. A small box will appear where you can type the name of an existing aceartinc wiki page or an external link. Press ENTER on your keyboard to finalize the link.






More questions? Contact us at aceartinc or email communications@aceart.org

Even More questions? Visit the PBworks Help Website.






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