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Robert Taite

Page history last edited by Robert Taite 13 years, 8 months ago

Robert Taite received his BFA from the U of M. Experimentation with inter-media work is the basis of his current studio practice. In 2009, he completed a residency at aceartinc.’s Project Room. Creating a painterly-sculptural installation, it seemed to suggest moments of nostalgia for the period in which he was a child (1980’s), and the confusion and/or relation between memory, aesthetic taste and hallucination in the wake of growing up with cartoons. By avoiding subject matter to a large degree and editing work to very base forms, Taite is informed by minimalist shapes and colours, but often maximizes on compositional potentialities by utilizing high-contrast juxtapositions and the infinite variety of self-created pattern. While lauding the personal affect one can have on slightly altered store-bought materials and products, Robert addresses that among the mass-production of things, uniqueness is still attainable and valued. By not being limited to any one medium, he is able to explore odd combinations of objects and what they mean for the viewer, who is inherently detached from the creative thought process of the artist. In a mildly anarchistic or sarcastic tone, he playfully questions the format in which those objects might be socially ‘accepted’.


In regards to the medium of sound, Taite has collaborated with musicians, writers and artists, performing various venues in Winnipeg and is continually engaged in experimentation, improvisation and composition. He is currently performing and recording in the duo, Dusth. Taite created a public sound installation in 2009 for Send + Receive: V.11 and is actively involved in community-based programming and curatorial projects.




Robert Taite

30-52 Edmonton Street

Winnipeg, MB  R3C 1P7








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Connie Chappel said

at 1:32 pm on Aug 6, 2010

Hi Robert, Your work is very very cool!! It has a great flow... Connie

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