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Steve Basham

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Steve Basham AKA Stephen Basham, Steve St Basham, Darcy Flection, Hoolio MacBolton, Diamonds Champagne is a visual artist / musician from Winnipeg MB.  He received his BFA Honours from the University of Manitoba in 2009.   In addition to his meandering art practice, Steve is also active in music, playing and recording on his own and with his band The Girth.  Also currently playing bass in The Unbelievable Bargains. Steve has previously played in bands like The Fo!ps, J.R. Hill and the Oktars, Johnny Riverboat and The Real Good Cooks.  


Tumblr thing thing. 



















Still from Nawn Lynyer 2 (2009) Video, 27:01, Colour




Still from Party Poopers (2009) Video, 11:09, Colour


album cover for Thicker (2009) audio cd, 22:48



Suave  (2009) acrylic on canvas, 8" x 10"



Maddog (2008) acryil on board, 8" x 10"



contact - stevejbash@gmail.com



What's happened in the past five minutes!?!?!?






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