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also known by the names Christabel Lindner or Christabel Yeung. Born in New Zealand. Raised in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Canada. Christabel received her BFA (Hons) at University of Manitoba, Canada and is currently studying her MFA at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, England.




Emerald Valley (Lovers' Valley), Mt Huangshan, China. 2009

Dimension: 48inX72in

Oil on Canvas



2nd Ave, Minneapolis, MN, USA 2010

Dimension: 48in X 72in

Oil on Canvas





Park near Walker Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Dimensions: 48in x 72in

Medium: Oil on Canvas



Roof top balcony, Upper East Side, NY, NY, USA. 2010.

Dimension: 48inX36in

Oil on Canvas



Central Park and 96th Ave, NY, NY, USA. 2010.

Dimension: 36inX48in

Oil on Canvas



NY,NY,USA. 2010.

Dimension: 36inX48in

Oil on Canvas


Contact info:

email: christabel.sy@gmail.com







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