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Warren Carther

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Warren Carther is a Winnipeg based glass artist. He attended the university of Manitoba’s School of Art and later,

studied glass blowing in New York and California. In his senior year, as student of Marvin Lipofsky at the California

College of the Arts, he began to envision creating enormous walls of sculpted glass. He soon realized that the scale

he was seeking was not possible to create at the end of a glass blower's blowpipe. Upon graduation he returned to

Canada and began exploring the material in his studio and developing processes to realize that vision.


His work often addresses in various ways the relationship between human beings and nature. He is intrigued by the

various dichotomies that exist within that relationship.


He believes in the almost universal desire for human beings to give meaning to their environment through the creation

of art. This has remained consistent within the human experience since the time of early cave drawings.  Art is an

essential component of the built environment and the lives of human beings are altered by the art that they encounter,

sometimes by chance and sometimes routinely in their daily lives. This understanding drives his desire to create art in

the public sphere.


He has completed over a hundred site-specific installations worldwide. Some of these sites are: The Canadian Embassy

in Tokyo, Japan :: The Investors Group Building, Winnipeg, Canada :: Lincoln House office tower, Hong Kong, China ::

The Ottawa International Airport, Ottawa, Canada, ::  Charles de Galle Airport, Paris, France ::

The Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida :: The Anchorage International Airport, Anchorage, Alaska ::

The Sacred Heart Medical Center, Eugene, Oregon.


Carved, curved and laminated glass, dichroic glass, applied colour and copper, steel and wood support structure.
27 ft. x 15 ft. x 3.5 ft.
Lincoln House, Hong Kong
VESTIGE (the Past) is attached to the central core wall of Lincoln House.  Computer-controlled lighting allows for

ultra slow switching between external and internal light sources. This causes dramatic color changes in the

dichroic glass. The repeated rhythm or beat in the lighting reflects Vestige’s expression of an instrument of time.

There are 87 seconds between “beats”, a number selected at random, indicating that VESTIGE, like Hong Kong has

its own unique sense of time.

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