Mrghosty (skot deeming) is a VJ and media artist who's artistic practice seeks to challenge traditional and consumer models
of play associated with video games and gaming culture. He does so by modifying game consoles, vintage video technology,
and vintage video game interfaces such as joysticks, gamepads and more. His work recontextualizes gaming devices as creative
tools and interfaces for installations, and live audio visual performances . Currently residing in Winnipeg, Manitoba,
he is a columnist for the indie culture magazine broken pencil, a writer for guttersnipe news
and is a member of the groupblog WorldWideGonzoSquadInc.

He has had video and film work shown at festivals and screenings internationally
and as a VJ has performed at various Canadian festivals and has provided live
video mixes for a variety of regional, national and international artists such as :
Billy Delassandro, Moses Mayes, the Shake, VavJungle, Lebeato, Final Fantasy, Grand Analog,
Genius Kills, MSTRKRFT, Nomo, Akron/Family, Damo Suzuki, phrizzm, Voodeux, Rodi Style,
vitamins4you, beef terminal, the riderless, The Team Canada DJs, and more.


more details to follow :D....