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Jacquelyn Hébert

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Jacquelyn Hébert - BIO


Jacquelyn Hébert is an artist from Winnipeg who works in film, video, mixed media and performance.  She graduated from the Integrated Media program at the Emily Carr University of Art, Design and Media in Vancouver in 2008 and has a prior B.A. from the University of Manitoba.  During 2008-2009, she was mentored by Dominique Rey as part of the MAWA Foundation Mentorship Program and participated in group exhibitions at The Graffiti Gallery in Winnipeg, and The Wood Co-Op Gallery in Vancouver.  She is a founding member of the Fire Pyxies Performance Art Collective and has performed at events such as the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Harvest Moon Festival, and the Festival du voyageur. Her current work in progress, The Memory Stitch: winter sports (Point de mémoire: les sports d'hiver), is an multi-media dual projection installation based on found Regular 8mm footage and her own Super 8mm films that deals notions of memory and the active process of making history, and will be shown at La Maison des artistes visuels francophones in the fall/winter of 2009-2010.






The Memory Stitch is an installation that recalls and reclaims discarded visual memories through the lens of the intertwined and the unraveled   This work in progress is an installation series based on 7 reels of Regular 8mm footage that I found in an antique store, in Winnipeg, four years ago. 

I am interested in exploring the process of re-interpreting found images by creating my own versions of them using Super 8mm film.  Both films are projected onto their own handmade screens with an overarching ambiant soundtrack.  With this work, I want to invite the spectator to try and differentiate between the original found footage and what I have fabricated in order to questions associations made between images when they edited together.


The Memory Stitch: winter sports

Installation Detail (side view) 2008




The Memory Stitch: winter sports

Installation detail (screen view) 2008




The Memory Stitch: winter sports

Close up detail

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