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liz garlicki

Page history last edited by liz garlicki 14 years, 8 months ago

"i'm #2" intervention piece for Superfan (Artengine, Ottawa, ON) 2008


Whether the work is staged indoors or outdoors, the size and style of the work brings to play the authority of advertising conventions. Specifically, the use of popular and public visual language to represent personal anxieties pertaining to social, professional and personal conformity. The work uses a grand scale encouraging (or manipulating), the viewer to consider the impact these things have on their own lives.


"Untitled Community" 2008 piece at the corner of Main St. and Jarvis Ave. Winnipeg, MB


Liz Garlicki has exhibited at Gallery 101, Ottawa, The New Gallery, Calgary, and in a number of venues in Winnipeg, including the recent "supernovas" at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. She is a graduate of the University of Manitoba's B.F.A. Honours programme. Currently Liz supports students and newcomers to the Winnipeg art community through her employment as the Gallery Assistant at aceartinc., in the Winnipeg Exchange area..


clean white sheets, fluffy kittens, long walks to sev' (7-11), orange juice, VV (Value Village), gossiping & alternative power.
mean transit drivers, terrorists, guns, chipped nails, Chippendales and the postal service




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